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Quality is a sensitive issue when it comes to arts and crafts products. It is not uncommon for buyers from more advanced economies that work with large automated factories to expect a very uniform and standardized product from a supplier.

This is a reasonable expectation if the supplier has a highly automated and sophisticated manufacturing operation. However, this is not the typical condition in a craft making operation. In fact, automation and standardization is almost a contradiction to the craft concept and process.

What the point you ask? ... be reasonable. Both producers of craft and buyers of craft must be reasonable. Suppliers must guarantee a high standard of craftsmanship in terms of quality of work and materials. Supplier must also meet a reasonable degree of product standardization within a reasonalbe tollerance ... say 5 to 10 percent. Buyers must be reasonable and keep in mind that it is impossible to each like item exactly the same with natural materials due to the natural variations the materials used. Handwork will also result in difference from item to item. This aspect of craft is what gives these item such beauty and appeal. If a buyer is looking for each item to be exactly the same, disappointment can only result. Suppliers that use this as an excause for substandard quality will also be disappointed. Thus, goodwill between trading partners and making the standards as clear as possible up front is critical to success.

Buyers and supplier are responsible for determining a standard of quality for the products orders. Either through agreement based on a graphical image or by exchanging a control or production sample before the order is agreed to. This is the sole responsiblity of the buyer and supplier. RajaCraft.com will not assume any liability nor make any guarantees regarding product quality. RajaCraft.com will not conduct quality control inspections.

RajaCraft.com may be able to offer quality control service to buyers or contract a 3rd party inspection company to conduct quality control inspections. These fees will be on the account of the buyer and must be determined before the order is placed if the buyer desires to use such services. The fee will depend on the scope of the QC inspection desired. If periodic in-line and final inspection is required, the fees must be calculated for such. This would include a servce fee for the inspector, and related expenses (hotel, transprt, meals, etc.). These fees may not be as high as you think, so please inquiry for further information.

The performance of this service by RajaCraft.com will depend on the order value and the agreed to terms and conditions of each order placed.

Please inquire if you would like additional information on this service.


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